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American Institute of Contractors

Certified Associate Contractors (ACs) are individuals with a high level of skill and knowledge in managing the process of construction. Additionally, each certified AC agrees to abide by the American Institute of Contractors (AIC) Code of Ethics. This means that they agree to live and work to the standards set to be both professional and ethical members of the construction industry.


Why is this so important? Because an AC brings to every project a verified skill and knowledge - and for FiveOliver this knowledge is based on both training and on nearly 20 years of experience. Certification provides our clients with the peace of mind that they will have an individual well-versed on the current standards and practices of the industry, who will perform their work with rigor and diligence.


At FiveOliver, this is further maintained through our required Continuing Professional Development program, to ensure that our team is also up to date on the industry standard.

Benefits of a Certified AC

  • The individual is a recognized professional with a high level of skill and knowledge of the construction process

  • An increased level of assurance in the skills of the construction team and that the project will be managed effectively and efficiently.

  • For projects that require certified professionals on the project, FiveOliver's certification demonstrates their suitability to bid on the project to the client


Roofing Consultant Institute

FiveOliver is a certified Roofing Consultant through the Roofing Consultant Institute (RCI) and has been for 20+ years.

RCI, Inc. is an international nonprofit association of professionals who specialize in roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall specification and design. From sprayed polyurethane foam to cedar shakes, from parking garages to air barriers, RCI has a member expert for every type of roof, exterior wall, or waterproofing issue in the world today.

Since 1983, RCI’s Professional members have offered unbiased design, repair planning, quality assurance observance, legal testimony, and general roofing and other building envelope management services. RCI’s Professional members adhere to a strict code of ethics that offers unprejudiced service without affiliation with any product or manufacturer.


Current membership is over 3,200. RCI, Inc. boasts an international constituency residing across the United States, Canada, Australia, the West Indies, Europe, and Asia.



Henry products and systems manage the flow of water, air, vapor, and energy through the building envelope, from foundation to roof, improving the structure’s energy efficiency, livability, and sustainability for the benefit of the owner, occupant, and the environment.



Our technical, chemical and engineering expertise is second to none when it comes to the roofing industry. For more than a century, GAF has pioneered development and manufacturing of high-performance residential and commercial roofing products through advanced R&D and real-world scientific programs. - GAF

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